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lower beeding

South Lodge

Lower Beeding parish contains 4,850 hectares of former royal hunting grounds, as well as St Leonards Forest, where legend says a dragon hid in ancient times. The forest is a rich source of local folklore.
Leonardslee, a 33 hectare estate alongside th A281, is a spectacular Rhododendron garden, planted in 1887 and regularly open to the public.
The parish, the largest in ther Horsham District, embraces the hamlets of Plummers Plain and Crabtree, each of which has its own distinctive attractions for visitors.
The forest area was much used by the Romans who exploited its rich iron ore resources.
An area of 2000 hectares supports apopulation of around 936.

With grateful thanks to West Sussex Newspapers Ltd for the use of these notes from their Horsham District Citizens Guide.